Consultant manager

Specialist in Java

After his graduation in computer science and engineering, Tobias first worked with programming in the forest industry before changing to the telecom business. Beyond that, Tobias has worked mostly in the school sector and is today working as a consultant on an assignment for ITS (Umeå University). Beyond his technical expertise, Tobias is a big fan of sports and in particular golf, tennis, and ice-hockey, and is of course a loyal fan of Björklöven. The best with dpend, according to Tobias is to be a part and shape a company together with all the amazing staff. Besides working for dpend, Tobias is an expert in falling asleep everywhere, at any time.

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Consultant manager
Specialist in .NET and front-end development

Richard has worked as an IT consultant since 2006, both in the financial sector, but also in the energy industry. Today, his major projects are connected to digitization at Umeå University. Outside the workplace, Richard is a big sports fan and is active in club activities, where he is a coach in both floorball, football, and ice-hockey. According to Richard, the best thing of being a part of dpend is the joy and willingness to cooperate they have in the team, but also the mix of both international and local projects. If you see anyone walk on one’s hands in the office, it is only Richard who is showing off with one of his many talents.

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IT Consultant

Specialist in .NET and web development

Before Anders became a part of the team two years ago, he has gained a lot of experience in his 15 years working as a consultant. Today, Anders main responsibility is the development of a tailor-made IT system at one of our main clients. The best thing about dpend according to Anders is the clear vision shared by the team and the fun activities they do together – especially the beer-lottery they have every month. Beyond working at dpend, Anders is a singer in a local hard rock band, and they will shortly release eight songs on an EP.

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IT Consultant
Full stack developer

Anton has worked with programming since 2017 and has earlier experience of both the railway sector and park management. Together with Anders, he is now working with one of dpend’s main clients where he is responsible for development and support of the systems. The best about working at dpend is, according to Anton, the fellowship, and the great atmosphere at the office, but also the opportunity to grow as an employee. A fun fact is that Anton is a copy of his grandfather, and people has told him about that as long as he can remember.

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