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Who are we?

dpend is a value-driven IT-consultant company that focuses on creating and maintaining strong long-term relationships with both customers and employees. With a team of social, competent and loyal consultants, we aim to raise the mood and productivity of your development team meanwhile working towards strengthening your business through digitalization.


We can help you solve the most complex digital challenges that your company is facing. We can achieve this through our many years of experience within system development and project management in large and small agile projects. 


Within our team, we have expertise in for example, telecom, forestry, study administration, banking, insurance, energy, healthcare etc.


Want to know more about what we can do for you and your company?


"To get the opportunity to build a company from scratch with our own values and beliefs that we, together with our employees, can enjoy and be proud of everyday is amazing!” - Tobias Forsgren


A bit of history is always exciting. Here the founders and head consultants Tobias and Richard will provide an insight into how dpend was born and developed.. 

We founded dpend with the ambition to create a value-driven business from scratch that would be based upon our own values and beliefs. One of our main goals was to create a workplace that our consultants could feel proud to be a part of and allow them and us to appreciate going to work. 


We have both worked in the industry for almost 15 years and have thereby accumulated valuable experiences in both system development and leadership. Therefore, the step towards building dpend together felt very natural. It was a fun challenge to put our experiences and knowledge together to create the amazing company that today is known as dpend. 

Due to amount of work we put in during the founding phase of dpend, we managed to build our business upon the values and beliefs that we thought were most important. 

There are many things that we love about dpend. For instance, the fact that we are constantly faced with challenges and opportunities that leads to development and growth, not only as IT-consultants but also as individuals. 


Furthermore, the atmosphere in the team at dpend is very genuine and friendly. We make sure to always coach and support each other into reaching our full potential. In addition to this, we also aim to build and maintain a workplace where everyone is happy, gets their voice heard and above all, are enjoying themselves! 

While we always strive for growth and development of employees, customers and experiences, the most important thing for us is to always maintain a genuine feeling within the company and maintain our values. 


We work towards running a business that all customers and employees should feel proud to be part of. In addition to this, it is important for us that we make sure to have fun together on our journey towards becoming Umeå's most popular IT company!

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