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Proud & committed employees do good for society

We founded dpend  with the ambition to build a value-driven business from scratch. One of our main focus was to create a workplace where our consultants could feel proud to be a part of and allow them and us to appreciate going to work. Therefore, we put a lof of effort in health care  and community involvement as part of our business.

We digitize your business

With our team of social, competent, and loyal consultants, we aim to raise the mood and productivity of your development team. In addition to this, we work towards strengthening your business through digitization. 


We can help to solve the most complex digital challenges that your company is facing. We can achieve this through our many years of experience in system development and project management within large and small agile projects. We have expertise in, for example, telecom, forestry, study administration, banking, insurance, energy, healthcare, etc.

Do you want to know more about what we can do for you and your company?

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The physical and mental health of our consultants is important for us to be able to keep what we promise. Not only do we offer our employees health care allowance, but we also collaborate with IKSU and Larsen Hälsokompetens as part of our health care work.


The collaboration with IKSU

We collaborate with Umeå's largest training facility IKSU as part of our wellness work. IKSU not only ensures that we have fun along the way, but also educates us in nutrition, exercise and ergonomics.


IKSU offer us health checks to test our mobility and strenght, all to ensure that our bodies can perform at its best. 

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The collaboration with Larsen Health competence

Jorunn Larsen make it possible for us to takepart in occupational health care through our collaboration with Larsen Hälsokompetens. Together with Jorunn, we get to take part in regular health checks so that we can keep track of our bodies and ensure that our menthal health is functional for our work. 


"Having the opportunity to build a company with our own values and, together with the employees, create a workplace that you enjoy and are also proud to go to is fantastic!"

- Tobias Forsgren

We do good for society

There is a lot that we think is wonderful about dpend.  We make sure to make important contributions by supporting and drawing attention to socially important organizations and companies that do good for society and welfare.

For example, we have contributed money to Umeå's local association Hjältarnas hus, which provides a safe house and room for sick children and their families. Together we coached our way through a fun sim challenge and at the same time made an important contribution. We develop not only as IT consultants, but also as people. 

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We contribute to a better water climate

Beside our consulting assignments, we participate in the Aquacosm-Plus project. Our participation make research data available to everyone and contributes to research progressing for a better water climate. 

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