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Do you want to join us on our journey forward?

The market is filled with complicated and demanding job applications, and we do not think it should be that difficult. Why not just book a casual meeting and talk about it over a cup of coffee? 


The team at dpend consists of all kinds of skills and backgrounds. Together we have extensive knowledge in digitalization, and have a lot of experience in working in Java, .NET and frontend development etc. The common denominator within the team is that we all believe in professional and personal development. Furthermore, it is important for us that everyone has as much fun at work as the management consultants Richard and Tobias have!

Do you also want to take the opportunity to be part of a new, challenging and value-driven business where you get a chance to grow and take responsibility? At dpend we are under constant growth and development, and are therefore looking for new driven programmers who wants to join our amazing team!

We look forward to be hearing from you! 


Pst! Do you prefer LinkedIn? No problem, you will find us there too.

We are mainly looking for you who have experience in:

  • Java

  • .Net

  • Frontend

An extra star on the edge for you who are interested in:

  • Project management

  • Communication

  • Business development

Are you looking for a more rewarding workplace?

Do you want to join us on our journey forward?

Curious to work in an organization with high competence combined with innovative thinking in the IT industry?


Here at dpend we transform creative ideas into digital solutions with the customer and the consultant in mind. Together, we build long-term relations, develop ourselves and each other along the way. As a developer at dpend you will be granted the opportunity to grow, take responsibility and be part of creating an organization based on values ​​where together we make sure we have fun along the way! With us, the consultant is the main focus and we look forward to seeing you as an employee having an interest in helping us to further develop the organization and accompany us on the journey ahead.


To thrive in the role of developer at us at dpend, we would like to see you have an academic education in IT with experience along with an interest in programming and problem solving. As a person you are curious, social and communicative, driven by going to work every day knowing that you and your colleagues are making a difference. The team is extremely important to us. We want to build our business on making a difference, growing together with the right partnerships where all employees are an important part of that development. In addition to the team, we value our customer relationships warmly and work constantly towards long-term partnerships.

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You should have some experience in development and preferably also a great interest in agile development. However, what is of greatest importance is liked to the fact that you are passionate about technology and always strive to get better. In addition, we value knowledge in other areas such as project management, communication and business development highly. We are constantly striving to develop further to reach new heights, and we look forward to sharing that vision.


Who are we?

dpend was founded with the vision of building a business entirely based on our experiences and values. We believe in long-term relationships, keeping what we promise, constantly evolving and above all, we believe in having fun along the way.


Are you curious to know more about us? more information about you can find on our portfolio and about dpend


We want to know more about you!

send us an email and we will book a meeting,

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