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We are specialists in digitalizing

We believe in long-term relationships and value them above everything else. With a team of skilled and passionated IT-specialists, we aim to help you turn your creative ideas into digital success. Through digitalization, we want to help you improve, optimize and increase the capacity of your operations. 

We value long-term relationships

At dpend, we do not believe in complicated relationships. We think that relationships should be simple, which is why we make sure to always build and maintain great relationships to both customers and co-workers. 

We always keep our promises 

Why keep a promise that cannot be held? That is not the way we operate here at dpend. We always make sure to keep our promises - both to customers and employees. 

We are under constant development

dpend is under constant growth and development. We expect this positive trend to continue. At dpend we always strive for improvement and 

development, both on a professional and personal level.

We always have fun while working

At dpend we are passionate about digitalization, which is clearly evident in our work. We do not think it should be painful to go to work, here at dpend we believe in having fun along the way! 


Ready for a new challenge?

Over the last couple of years we have faced many challenges in terms of exciting projects. In order for us to keep growing and accepting new challenges, we need to expand our team and hire more competent IT consultants. 

We want to help you digitalize your business!

Do you need help with increasing the efficiency in your company by becoming digital? Click the button below and send us an email and let us discuss the matter further over a coffee! 

Do you prefer to give us a call or maybe pay us an unexpected visit? No problem, you will find all of our details on our contact page.


Are you ready for a new challenge?

Check out our career page to find out more about our career opportunities and how we are working here at dpend! 

We are under constant development and growth. Do you want to join us on our journey towards becoming the most popular IT-consulting company in Umeå? 

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