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In addition to being a value-driven IT consulting company that, with the help of our consultants, helps you solve the most complex of challenges, we also work with other exciting projects on the side.


Are you curious to find out more about any of our projects or find out what digital solutions we can do for you and your company?




How to digitization and collaboration on

EU-level can drive marine research forward



Today we are constantly reminded of the negative effects of humans on the climate. To try to deal with these problems and create a more positive climate impact, cooperation is required, and that is exactly what this project is about.

Aquacosm is a project where we collaborate with several different companies and institutions from across the EU to create a more efficient, easily accessible and secure access to research data - also called open data.

This project involves research from all types of watercourses such as seas, lakes and rivers. This is a long-term project, and as many of you know, we are constantly working to maintain long-term and good relationships. Our goal is to create a prototype soon where all types of research regarding water can be fed into a dynamic cloud system so that more people can take part in it. By creating this cloud service, we help to make research data about the sea and water more accessible to researchers who in turn can drive research forward.



How universal the usage of brain and physical activity can be

This project involved creating technical support for research examining the effects of physical and mental training. As you know, we are on dpend to train. In addition to this, we constantly use the brain for problem solving, such as when projects like these come to us. In other words, this assignment suited us like a glove.

The research itself included that participants are examined during physical activity in the form of cycling in combination with memory exercises. In this way, it can provide an insight into the interaction between these two. Our role in this project was to create an application that connects a heart rate monitor via bluetooth. With the help of the heart rate monitor and the application, the participants can see in real time what heart rate they have. In a user-friendly way, the participants can then also see if they need to get up or down in pulse, which is evident in the form of a small window on the computer.


For the technically minded reader, this project was made possible with the help of Elektron JS and ANT +.

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Simultaneous physical and cognitive excercise


They supply wooden pallets, we deliver digital success

Our collaboration with Norrlandspall is a continuous work. Here, some of our consultants work daily with the goal of simplifying their everyday lives through digitization at all levels.

The digitization at Norrlandspall is about their entire IT system, where we, among other things. has helped with everything from handling purchases, production and inventory to sales, production staff, etc. In other words, simplification in everyday life through digital solutions where we have made the transition from paper to digital means possible.

As part of this ongoing digitization, we are producing, among other things, an application. The app comes i.a. to be used for calculating salaries and bonus systems. In this way, the human hand-laying is reduced and the company has received a more efficient solution via digitization. This is an example of how we work long-term to digitize this type of business.


Programming tools used include .NET, MS SQL & React.

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How can digitizing promote local business development?

The animal magnet as a business has recently grown and become even more locally known. This is a very fun project where we get the chance to support local entrepreneurship and collaborate with each other.

  Many of you probably know what a customer club means, but not everyone may be aware of the digital part. Our vision is to create a system where customers can earn and collect bonus points based on, among other things. their previous purchases. This in turn can be a way to streamline offers and marketing to customers, and in this way Djurmagneten can offer a more tailored experience. Streamlining plays a central role in digitalisation, and that is exactly what we have tried to achieve with this project.

Programming tools we have used are programs such as .NET core, WPF and MS SQL.


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